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We are super stoked that you are here and looking at our work.

We are Hewitt & Anna Wright, a happily married couple that believe in teamwork throughout all aspects of life. Our main gig is photographing weddings & elopements along with raising our daughter to be an awesome human being... so far so good! We are based in Cape Town, where we find constant inspiration for our creative process and...

we love what we do!



"Our main goal is for you to feel comfortable and have fun while being photographed... Better yet, to even forget that you are being photographed at all. The very best moments are the truly authentic ones. Let's capture your memories as they happened, beautifully & naturally."

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The little things...


  • My favourite movie is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
  • I could probably eat chicken wings every day... I don't, but I could.
  • I enjoy a lager with a braai or a sunset. Lately a G&T probably deserves an honourable mention too though.
  • Anna says "Coffee is life" and I tend to agree.
  • When it comes to music, the heavier stuff gives me goosebumps.
  • I honestly love being a full time wedding photographer.


  • I was born in Poland.
  • I'm obsessed with house plants and watching Chef's Table.
  • "Coffee is life." (Since being a mom).
  • I enjoy really spicy food.
  • I find that bubbly goes best with most occasions.
  • Balkan music makes me boogie best.
  • Yoga is my happy place and also how I met Hewitt 10 years ago.

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